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Mother joyfully browsing family memories on a tablet, accompanied by her two sons. A heartwarming moment of shared nostalgia and connection.

About Family Memory Consultants

Memories hold the power of love, and at Family Memory Consultants, we're here to keep that love alive. Located in Charles Town, West Virginia, we preserve your cherished moments through storytelling, not for tomorrow, but for the joy they brought you yesterday. We capture the emotions, the laughter, the happiness – weaving them into narratives that let you relive the love. With Family Memory Consultants, it's not just about memories; it's about the love they hold. Let us help you treasure those feelings forever.

Why Choose Family Memory Consultants?


Trusted experts with 53 years of experience.


With 17 years as an International Project Manager and 25 years in technology, we guarantee top-notch, user-friendly service.


25 years in the technology industry ensures our services are top-notch and user-friendly.

Meet Jeff

Snapshot from the 1980s featuring Jeff, offering a glimpse into his personal memories. The image reflects the nostalgia and personal connection that Jeff brings to the art of preserving cherished moments.

🌅 Every September, we remember the days of childhood and the stories of our beloved grandmother. These memories, stored in albums and boxes, are like treasures, waiting to be unlocked. One such cherished memory involves family vacations at Rehoboth Beach – the laughter, the waves, and the simple joys of cherry buns and pizza. "Oh, the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!"

🕰️ Fast forward to inheriting a 57-year collection of photographs and home movies, capturing the essence of life. It's a journey waiting to be explored, a legacy to be preserved.

Headshot of Jeff, a dedicated professional at My Digital Memories. Radiating warmth and professionalism, the photo encapsulates the expertise and guidance we bring to the art of preserving your cherished memories. Trust us to transform your moments into enduring digital legacies.
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