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VHS Video to Digital Conversion

Unearth the treasures of your past with our expert home movie and video tape transfer services. At My Digital Memories, we specialize in breathing new life into your nostalgic moments by converting them into modern, accessible formats.

VHS Tape Stack
HS tape icon representing the transition from analog to digital. Bring your cherished memories into the digital age with My Digital Memories, ensuring compatibility with modern devices and preventing degradation over time.

Video Tape Pricing

We convert many formats of Video Tape, including: 



Hi 8

Mini-DV Tape




Bulk discounts


DV Cam


3/4 inch (Umatic)

One Inch


Bulk discounts

Video to Digital Conversion Services

VHS Tape Comparisons

Comprehensive Format Support

Bring us your old home movies and video tapes, regardless of the format. We handle VHS, VHS-C, BETA, Hi 8 tape, and Mini DV.

Family with Tablet

Flexible Output Options

Choose the format that suits your needs best. We offer seamless transfers to USB, Cloud storage, or classic DVD, providing you with convenient and accessible playback options.

Old VHS Tapes

Quality Assurance

Experience the magic of your old memories in a new light. Our transfers are conducted with precision, enhancing visual and audio quality whenever possible.

Preservation Services

Your analog media has been transformed into digital format. What's next? Explore numerous possibilities. Connect with us today to discuss tailored options.

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