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Why Use My Digital Memories

After witnessing my grandmother having a heart attack and pass away when I was 7, remember my parents explain death to me. I truly didn’t understand the concept at the time, but I did know that I would never see her again in my lifetime. At some point after that, I began saving random birthday cards, and other cards from loved ones as keepsakes.

After our parents passed away, and my sister and I were cleaning out their house, I came across a box, and the contents completely took me by surprise.

The box contained various keepsakes of my going back to when I was born:

  • Birthday cards from various ages

  • Report cards

  • The first Valentines Day picture I drew

  • Bronze shoes

  • Baby pictures

  • School pictures

  • VHS Tapes, Slides, Photo Albums, Film, etc

  • First Pets

  • and many other items

I was overwhelmed with emotions.

As I was absorbing all of these emotional memories, I realized I had no way watch any of the media. I did have an idea in my twenties about visual storytelling but know there are many companies doing it. However, you do have your Burger Kings, McDonalds and other hamburger places, so why not another alternative to preserving your memories.

There was a quote in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull that really resonated with me: Dean Charles Stanforth: ...seems we've reached an age when life stops giving you things and started taking them away.” This is so true.

As I write this I am thinkings of my Aunts, Uncles, Friends and pets that I have loved and passed away.

This is WHY I started My Digital Memories. I care about family memories, restoring the bonds between family and friends, and safely preserving them for future generations. No one is ever forgotten as long as they are remembered.

I want to provide everyone the experience of when I opened my box.

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