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Unexpectedly, I received a phone call from a prospective client. He and his wife are an elderly couple in their mid-eighties and wanted to digitize some photos, VHS tapes, film, and slides before they got lost or deteriorated. They wanted to share these memories with friends and family for quite some time but were unable to find a local company that could help them with their project.

Using my white-glove service, free pick up and delivery within 40 miles of zip code 25414, I made arrangements to go to their home.

A half an hour later, I found myself leaving his house, holding his life in my hands. I had no idea he was an air force pilot and was responsible for dropping bombs, shooting down planes during the Vietnam war. The footage was amazing.

Unlike a Hollywood blockbuster, this film did document human casualties and real tragedies. As I watched him and his team l put the targets in the cross-hairs of the scope, I saw the before and after, as trucks, bridges, roads, building and people just disappeared in the clouds of smoke from being fired upon. Because of his exploits, he was asked to become an aviator trainer. The other media that I was provided showed the various locations of his deployment.

In further conversations, it was important for him to transfer the media so his relatives, nieces, nephews, could see their loved one from the 1960’s. Hence, he wanted to preserve his legacy, share his life’s story, and keep his loved ones memories alive.

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